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Made Bride by Antonea
“Made Bride by Antonea” bridal atelier is one of the most reliable brands in handmade wedding dresses in Greece. In charge is the designer and owner of the brand Dimitra Antonea, with perennial, continuous and consistent presence in nuptials.


Made Bride by Antonea creates an original collection every year, remaining loyal to the characteristics that made the brides love it: the insistence on detail and the handcrafted decorative elements that are placed by hand piece by piece.

Collection designs emit a cool breeze and appeal to brides with youthful mood.



Born in the cradle of a transitional period for “Made Bride by Antonea”, the “Rebirth” collection marks a new milestone for the brand.

The new designs with the plurality of materials and the variety of colors reflect the new, the evolution and the transformation by visualizing the exact moment when the chrysalis emerges from its cocoon and evolves into a colorful butterfly.



Collection “Charisma” is inspired by the best characteristics of a woman. The vision behind the collection are strong, independent, ambitious women that exhale a fascinating lure inspiring devotion to others. Women that hold a special “gift” which causes strong emotions to others by their appearance and personality.