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Made Made by Antonea creates an original collection every year, remaining loyal to the characteristics that made the brides love it: the insistence on detail and the handcrafted decorative elements that are placed by hand piece by piece.

Collection designs emit a cool breeze and appeal to brides with youthful mood.


Age of preppy

“Let us be elegant or die…” The new collection of "Age of preppy" inspired by the Louisa May Alcott’s expression, borrows in general the decent style of the era in a more up-to-date version.

Eternal awakening

The timelessness of the old lace is like a never-ending journey into space-time. It takes you to places that are unobtrusive, full of adventures and symbolisms. As in a vision you wake up between precious objects, dreamlike creatures, butterflies, birds, distant places and alternating events, placed in the middle of time and time takes a moment.

Virtue of light backstage

The "Virtue of light" collection, was born in the vastness of cosmic evolution, on the cradle of stars. The inexhaustible vitality reflected by their primordial light, creates a visual impression for every human being, that is always accompanied by a corresponding emotional load.

Ode to whispering veils backstage

The “Ode to whispering veils” collection, invites us to travel in on magical paths and secret roads, in a strange and wondrous kingdom. A world of hidden, unruly but also seductive, virtually intangible beings, who will be forced to make its presence felt!