rebirth collection madebride by antonea


Born in the cradle of a transitional period for “Made Bride by Antonea”, the “Rebirth” collection marks a new milestone for the brand.

The new designs with the plurality of materials and the variety of colors reflect the new, the evolution and the transformation by visualizing the exact moment when the chrysalis emerges from its cocoon and evolves into a colorful butterfly.

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charisma madebride collection


Collection “Charisma” is inspired by the best characteristics of a woman. The vision behind the collection are strong, independent, ambitious women that exhale a fascinating lure inspiring devotion to others. Women that hold a special “gift” which causes strong emotions to others by their appearance and personality.

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madebride collection age of preppy

Age of preppy

“Let us be elegant or die…” The new collection of “Age of preppy” inspired by the Louisa May Alcott’s expression, borrows in general the decent style of the era in a more up-to-date version.

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made bride from dawn till dusk

From dawn to dusk

New Collection “From dawn to dusk” is inspired by the variety of colors the sky changes during the day.
Bridal gowns in outstanding shades that fill the sky into 24 hours…

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